Jim Bonfils for Broad Run District Supervisor

Leadership. Service. Results.

I am running because I believe in the value of public service. Loudoun is a fantastic place to live and if elected, I promise to work with everyone, regardless of political party, to make your quality of life better.

I am committed to lower tolls and building Greenway and Route 50 alternatives. I want to make existing communities better connected by expanding our walking trails and bike paths.

I have spent the past 20 years actively serving the communities of Loudoun. I am currently serving my fourth term on the Loudoun County Parks and Recreation Open Space Board; having served on its finance committee and worked on several special projects there.

In addition to improving the appearance of our community, I have invested time and energy serving our youth. I am a founding board member and treasurer of Loudoun Youth, Inc., a non-profit organization established to coordinate community resources to assist in the development of youth programs and to create leadership opportunities for young people. I have also coached and served as president for the Loudoun Youth Soccer Association.

I always have, and will continue to put our community first by representing your interests.