Jim Bonfils for Broad Run District Supervisor


Ensure Safer Schools

The greatest strength is the students, we have great community and great children and young adults. Our greatest challenge is creating and maintaining balance of the education and development needs of each of the students.

I believe investing in the future starts with our children. I am a founding member of Loudoun
Youth, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for young people and
have served as its president and treasurer. We need to do more to ensure the safety of our
children, and it starts with our schools. That's why I will vote to put a full-time School
Resource Officer (SRO) in every Loudoun County public school - adding the 58 schools not presently covered - to deter opioid use, bullying, and school violence. I also want to expand the Loudoun Youth Initiative to help provide safe environments for children who may be at risk.

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