Jim Bonfils for Broad Run District Supervisor


Housing Attainability

Loudoun County's ADU program has worked poorly and is of limited value since it only comes into play when there is a rezoning application. It was established 1993 in part to help teachers, firefighters and deputies be able to live in the county and in that respect has failed. More ADUs is not the answer though, but rather a commitment by the county to more diverse and attainable housing - not necessarily subsidized or as a condition of rezoning. This includes effective expansion of suburban/urban environments and housing types around new Metro stations and a long-term vision of redeveloping older communities in the east.
The new HUD and VHDA contributions seem to be helping with affordable rental housing, but this may be temporary. As Supervisor, I would put a high priority on completing a strategic plan - as appears to be currently proposed -- to assess our ADU and related programs with the development community, realtors and chamber of commerce as full partners in the discussion, and a provide a specific action plan. Without direct involvement of the people who understand the market constraints, needs, and opportunities, and the employers who are based here, the County will be unlikely to make gains in attainable, diverse housing that benefits the community as a whole.

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